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Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
Product Code : 20
Brand Name : Bee Gee Associates
Product Description

The INDION PSTP is a unique combination of

aeration and attached growth on fixed film that

results in an easy-to-install and operate, prefabricated

solution of outstanding performance

and efficiency.


- All-in-one single tank packaged sewage treatment plant.

- Modular design : 5 - 100 m3/day

- Compact and simple to operate

- Minimal maintenance

- No corrosive components


- Minimal land usage

- Minimum power and chemical requirement

- Easy to install ,monitor and relocate.

- Bar Screen screens out the non-compressible and non bio-degradable solids above 15mm particular size. This will protect from major systems damage & safe guard the biological process.

- Aerobic Treatment: The effluent then enters the bio-zone, which combined fixed film reactor as

forced aeration system using diffusers and blower. The fixed film reactor provides a solid surface area for micro-organisms to attach themselves; these then feed on the organic mater present in the effluent. Sludge recirculation is provided to optimize the efficiency of the system.

- Final Settlement: The treated water effluent enters the final settling zone for settling finer particles.

- Chlorination: Chlorinated water is taken to the Storage tank for further use directly or through territory treatment system.INDION PSTP models are available for flow rates above 100 m3/day.


- Hotels

- Restaurants

- Holiday Resorts

- Golf and Country Clubs

- Housing Complexes

- Townships

- National Parks Industrial Estates

- Existing Plant Upgradation